current go to eye makeup

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve had this kind of “go to” eye makeup I do when I don’t have much time in the morning.  I’ve gotten a great deal of compliments on it and it’s so easy that I figured I would share what products I use & how I use them!

The great thing about this eye look is that you most likely already have the colors I used, whether it’s the exact ones or a few similar shades from one palette and a few from another.  You can also take this concept and use it with another color combination; maybe you would rather use a bunch of pinks instead of browns idk.. Anyway, this is what I tend to do every morning:

Step one is always priming.  I normally do my foundation and concealer prior to eyes, so I use my concealer as an eye primer.  Today I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.  I always set my concealer with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder as well.  

peach smoothie

The first shadow I always, always use is Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie and use that as my transition shade in the crease.  I’ve only owned this color for a little over a month now and I already can’t picture my life without it!


fawn creme burlee



Next I’ll take Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn, sometimes mixed Makeup Geek Créme Brulee and also add this to my crease.  Most of the time I only use Fawn, but sometimes I like to add in the Créme Brulee.  Here I used both colors!



saddle swiss choc


After that I mix Mac Saddle and Mac Swiss Chocolate, applying it to the outer half of my crease and blending it out.  As you can see, we are gradually getting darker here.  Up until now I’ve applied all of these shadows with my Sigma E40 brush.


brun & amber rushNow I’m going to take Mac Brun and place it in my outer v with my Sigma E25 brush.  I use this brush as opposed to the E40 because I want this color to be packed on a little bit more than it would be if applied with the E40, just a personal preference by me!  I’ll always go back in with the E40, no additional product on the brush, and blend the outer v into the crease.  Sometimes if I don’t think it’s blended enough I’ll take the Real Techniques setting brush and use that to blend (yes I’m aware this is not an eye brush but idc!!)

Once I’m done with the matte shades, I’ll go in with the L’Oréal  Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush and put this all over my lid using my ring finger.  I like the way this looks best when applied with my finger versus with a brush.  I’ll usually take a bit of Créme Brulee and blend out the line where the lid color meets the crease, just to clean it up.

Then I’ll take Brun mixed with a little bit of Fawn and use my Sigma E15 brush to apply it to the outer corner of my lower lash line.  Then I’ll take my Morphe G27 to blend it out.

The last thing I do shadow wise is take Urban Decay Foxy or the Anastasia Banana Powder (both are pretty much the same, it’s honestly whichever one is closer to me at the moment) and highlight my brow bone, cleaning up the rest of the eye.  Here I used Foxy because, well, I just really like the name!!

foxy and buxom


Now that I’m done with the eyeshadow I’ll take my Smashbox Liquid Eyeliner and apply my wings.  Sometimes I don’t do wings, sometimes I do, it depends on my mood & how much time I have.

After that I’ll apply mascara, normally two coats.  Here I used the Buxom Lash Mascara.  The last thing I do is take Becca Pearl from the holiday palette and use that as my inner corner highlight.  And voila!

There you have it!  I hope you like it, learned something ya didn’t know before, and try to recreate it either using what I used or a combination of your own products!  If you do, share it with me!  Until next time..

xx Nicole


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