today is my fifth birthday

So today is the 29th of February, a day that only comes every four years.  Still don’t quite understand why this happens.  Anyway, it just so happens that I was born on this day twenty years ago, and in all of my twenty years of living this is only the fifth time I’m actually celebrating my birthday on my birthday. For some reason, people find this fascinating.  Here’s a quick little FAQ in regard to my birthday (because let’s be real i know you’re curious about at least half of these):

“Wait, so you’re only like five?!”  Si.  I’ve only been alive for five leap days, technically making me only five years old.  Each year there is no leap day I only age 1/4.  Get it??  Yay math!!

“So what day do you celebrate? the 28th or the 1st??”  both because i can!!

“Wow, so you like don’t have a birthday most years?”  This is true.  Just kidding I treat everyday like it’s my birthday!!

“How does it feel to be born on leap day?”  I mean, normal I guess??????

“Do you like having a birthday on leap day?”  I don’t really care to be quite honest

“Are you excited that leap day is this year??”  No because now we have to move from one shitty president to another shitty president come November.  On a side note I always wondered why the presidential election wasn’t on leap day since a new one is elected every leap year?? hm..

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there with my list.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I hate my birthday at all, I think it’s cool and I always have a fun fact for when I need one on the first day of class.  Hi I’m Nicole and a fun fact about me is that I’m five!!  And I actually like getting the same questions over and over again, it probably trained me for the millions of questions I get all the time about being a vegetarian.  I’ll save that for another day.

I know this is a short post, but a)  Today’s my birthday  b) I’m probably still going to be stuck doing homework because 18 credits and, c) I wasn’t going to post anything since I’ve been extremely busy, so I guess a tiny post is better than nothing!!  If I failed to cover a question you’re dying to know the answer to, feel free to ask!!  Until next time..

xx Nicole


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