troye sivan:  the blue neighbourhood tour

On Tuesday night i was lucky enough to be able to see Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Tour.  I’d wanted to get tickets for a while but they sold out rather quickly, and the prices on stub hub were nowhere near what the Bank of Nicole could afford.  Then the day before his first show in NYC, the venue decided to release more tickets, and I was able to grab two for my roommate, Breezy and I for face value!  Talk about a great birthday!!

(Let the record show that if I didn’t have a law midterm the morning after his second show, I probably would’ve went to that one too!)

In my opinion, concerts are even better when you happen to also like the opening act.  I’d known about LANY before seeing the show Tuesday night, but I only knew of a few songs.  I definitely left the show as a bigger fan of the band, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to swing seeing them next time they’re in NYC in May.  If you’ve never heard of LANY, you should do yourself a favor and click here!

While I didn’t know every song on LANY’s setlist, I was still able to really enjoy their performance, which is a rare thing for me because normally if I don’t know a majority of the songs, I get bored very easily.  So thanks, LANY.  You rock.

So after LANY finishes, the giant crowd has to wait thirty whole minutes for Troye to start. I always hate this part because it’s always the thirty longest minutes of my life.  My back is hurting, I’m squished in between a ton of people, mostly younger than 16 so their moms are there too.  I give those moms a lot of credit, because my parents would never battle a GA concert so I could go when I was younger.  I don’t necessarily blame them, because I probably would’ve hated it when I was a youngin.

Finally Troye starts his performance at approximately 9 pm, and for the next hour or so I was literally mesmerized by the colorful lights and the loud bass.  Pretty sure my ears are still ringing from it.  He opened with his song Bite, which I was a tad surprised by because it’s one of his slower songs, yet it still fit so well.  Let’s just talk about the stage for a second.  All I’m going to say is:  so aesthetic.  (see pictures below.)

The best part of the show hands down was when he sang his song, Heaven.  Troye was singing, and I was watching, just minding my own business, and then all of a sudden BETTY WHO was on the stage with him.  She’s featured in the song, but I still didn’t expect her to be at the show!  Their song is also one of my favorites on his album, and I’ve known Betty Who for a few years now, so it was a very nice surprise for me!

I also like when he sang a cover of Dancing On My Own by Robyn, and when he finished he said, “I can always find the gay guys in the audience when I sing a Robyn song!”

Troye concluded his performance with Youth, probably his most famous song at the moment.  After the show, Breezy and I booked it the merch table.  We really wanted the tour shirt, but it was a whopping $35 (not cool, Troye).  Neither of us wanted to spend so much on a t shirt, but we decided that if they had any left after the show, it was meant to be that we get one.  I’d read all over twitter that his merch was selling out fast at other shows, so I figured we would be out of luck.  Sure enough they had plenty of tour shirts left, and while my bank account wasn’t too happy, I sure as hell was.  I wore that baby with pride the next day.

Before I conclude, I would just like to address that the crowd was one of the rowdiest crowds I’ve ever been in.  Everyone was so pushy, I literally started in the back of the venue and ended  in the front by the end of the show, and I wasn’t even trying!  There were a lot of young kids though, and I’m not going to lie, if my sister was there being pushed around I probably would’ve been really pissed.  But ladies and gentlemen, that’s why GA concerts are not for kids!!

I could go on for hours, but instead I’ll leave you with a nice playlist of the songs performed that night, and a few pictures I was able to snap.  I apologize for the terrible quality of these pictures, I only have an iPhone 5s camera, plus I was being pushed around the whole time, so bear with me!!



Paul Klein // lead singer of LANY // very talented // 10 out of 10 would recommend



Look at all that smoke.  So aesthetic!!!


FullSizeRender copy

FullSizeRender 3

I was living at this point // Troye & Betty Who ❤ // LOOK AT THAT HUG AT THE END UGH okay sorry i’m good!!



I find this picture kinda funny because everything is blurry except for Troye, he’s such a muffin!!



Someone gave him this nice adidas track jacket and I low-key want to go buy the same one when I’m home this weekend…

Until next time..

xx Nicole 

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