top songs march 2016

The ending of March means the beginning of April and the beginning of April means I only have like five weeks left of school which makes me want to vomit!!  Anyway, I hope you had an awesome month of March this year filled with awesome music.  Depending on your music taste, you may have been #blessed by this year’s Warped Tour announcement, I know I was!  The announcement even inspired me to add a few good tracks by a few good artists that are playing this year, so without further ado, here are my top songs for March 2016:

And here are some comments on this month’s songs:

Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman:  I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but this song is my jam.  I remember the day it was released on Spotify I decided to listen to it as a joke with my homegirl Breezy, and we were shocked at how good it is.  The key (no not major) is that it sounds so different than the rest of her music, which is a nice change because her other song Focus sounds just like Problem (at least in my opinion.)  Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a hardcore Ariana Grande fan, way back when Victorious was just beginning, but I personally don’t like how she’s changed since her rise to fame.  In my opinion (i am in no way shitting on her) she became a diva, and while I think she is very talented, I just don’t dig her as a person.  I have high hopes for the new album though, which is releasing on the 20th of May.

Against the Current, Runaway:  I don’t want to say too much because I feel like I never shut up about this band (WHO IS PLAYING WARPED TOUR FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR!!!) but this is the second third single off of their debut album that will be out May 20 (Ariana stole their date)  I feel like every time they release a new single, I love it more than the last one!  Seriously cannot wait for this album.

Yellowcard, Ocean Avenue:  All I’m going to say is if you don’t know this song then you are doing something wrong in life.  Once it was announced that Yellowcard is playing Warped this year, it sparked an instant replay of this song basically every time I enter my vehicle.  Ugh, nostalgia at its finest.

Betty Who, High Society:  I don’t know what made Betty pop into my mind the other day, but she did and alas I was reminded how cool this song is, along with Betty.  If you’ve never heard of Betty Who, you should check out her music, because everything’s a jam.

Mike Posner, I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Remix):  Fun fact about this song is that the majority of people think this is the original version of the song and are completely unaware of the original, much slower version.  You should actually listen to the words, because the song is a lot sadder than it sounds (but the beat is super catchy so)

LANY, Where the Hell Are My Friends:  This song is #sorelatable!! No really, it is.  Especially when I’m home on Long Island, on a Friday night with nothing to do and I’m just like “where the hell are my friends???????  (oh yea on Staten Island!!!)

Paradise Fears, Next To Me:  Just want to share a quick story in which as a joke one day I changed the lyrics from “slow you world” to “slow your roll” and it has come to the point where if I’m singing along I will accidentally say the wrong words.  Yes, I hate myself.  It’s a really cute song though go listen!!!

I’ll wrap it up here, but in conclusion March was a month of some really hopping tunes and if you’re bored or not too busy or something you should totally give this playlist a listen because I don’t think you’ll regret it.  Also don’t forget to follow me on Spotify to see some other great playlists, my username is nmoss13.

What songs have you been jamming to this past month?  Let me know!!  Until next time..

xx Nicole

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