Fall 2017 Playlist

If you’re familiar with this blog, you may recall that I used to upload my monthly top songs for every month. Now, the last time I uploaded one of those playlists was in April of 2016. That’s a lot of months I’m behind. Because of this, I thought I’d make a Fall playlist as opposed to just December, since there are so many songs I’ve listened to and loved over the past nineteen months.

Some important things to be said:

  • Don’t Delete the Kisses – Wolf Alice
    • Okay seriously, ever since this song was released it has been on repeat. Yes, Wolf Alice, yes. Shout out to The 1975 for having them as an opener many moons ago. Thanks for helping with that discovery.
  • Stay – Black Stone Cherry
    • This song just had to be mentioned because it’s been one of my favorite songs ever for a while now, and I’ve been listening to it a lot recently. If you’re a country person, Florida Georgia Line has a nice cover to this song.
  • In Between – Kelsea Ballerini
    • This song speaks to me on so many levels. Probably because I’m currently stuck in this “in between” Kelsea discusses in the lyrics. Kelsea is another one with really catchy songs, you should definitely check her out if you haven’t already, again even if you usually don’t do country.
  • Walk on Water – Eminem and Beyoncé
    • Welcome back, Mr. Mathers. Your new album is everything I ever hoped and dreamed for (and tbt to my rap phase circa 2010).
  • Baby, You Make Me Crazy – Sam Smith
    • Sam Smith always has the best records hands down. I was so excited when his new one came out last month and if I don’t snag tickets to his tour next year I’ll be so sad.
  • Fake Happy – Paramore
    • I feel like there are way too many people in the world that can relate to these lyrics. Paramore has a way with that.
  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé
    • This duet had me so shook the first time I heard it. That is all.

I like that this playlist really shows how often my music taste varies; I literally don’t have a specific genre that I stick to (which is something that everyone should do).  Let me know if you like any of these songs or artists, and let me know what songs you’ve been listening to as well!

Until next time…

Nicole xx

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