the rebirth of pale pisces: an updated 5 w’s

welcome back, and if you’re new then welcome!  If you were around two years ago when this blog first started, you may recall that my first post was “the five w’s of pale pisces“.  Since a lot has changed in the past two years, I thought I’d maybe update my answers to those questions. I guess we can call this an updated “all about me”. So if you’ve ever wondered what the answer is to any of these questions, stay tuned below:

1.)  Who am I?

Okay honestly there’s no update to this one.  I’m still Nicole, and you can still read an expanded answer to this question here.

A fun fact I can say now and not back then is that I’ve been to Europe (soon twice). Oh and I drink too much wine.

2.)  What is the purpose of this blog?

I think the best way to answer this is two words:  word vomit.  But cool word vomit.

Okay no, in all seriousness its purpose is a bunch of different things.  From talking about makeup, music, to random stuff that has nothing to do with anything else. In a perfect world, there’d be content on here of all kinds of interest I suppose.

3.)  Where did the name of this blog come from?

As far as I can remember, I thought of Pale Pisces when I was a freshman (#tbt) and I was going to start a blog but then became an overwhelmed (overdramatic) college student and “didn’t have time” with 14 credits.  I was young and naive.

Anyway, Pale Pisces.  Pale = I’m naturally the lightest shade in most* foundations.  Pisces = my zodiac sign (my birthday is February 29th)(yes I was born on leap day).

4.)  When did I decide to start blogging?

Okay for this question I’m going to alter it to “when did I decide to RE-start blogging?”  So a few weeks ago I was doing practice questions for the LSAT I’m taking in February and long story short I had a breakdown and made a new blog called “ESQ Wannabe”.  I know.  I was literally convinced I was too stupid to be an attorney.

Update, I recovered from said breakdown and still plan on being an attorney.  I decided that maybe I’d start blogging again, but instead of starting the new one I impulsively created at 2 am, I’d just pick up where I left off with this one.

5.)  Why am I doing this? (again.)

I’m going to be really blunt.  When you think about it, as a blogger you write about your, for example, travels, favorite things, and opinions because you think that others want to read about said opinions and expeditions.  Do I expect to have 50,000 reading this because they care about my opinions?  No.  I don’t even expect 50.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this!  The next post will definitely be something of actual substance/opinions/reason why I created this blog in the first place.

Until next time..

Nicole xx

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